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low waste food court

This year at Reseda Rising, 11:11 ACC is taking a leap forward in connecting the arts to environmental stewardship. As an arts org, 11:11 knows that waste is a critical issue the whole world is grappling with. We're ready to do our part to show how we can build and celebrate community with a lot less garbage.


That means that at this year’s event, we're trying to reduce our waste footprint by 75%+. For our food truck vendors, this means prioritizing products that come in very little packaging or none at all, that is either clearly biodegradable  (cones, paper, buns, tortillas, fruit skins, etc.) or absolutely recyclable (glass and aluminum). If we're doing this right:


1) We're saving you money on packaging.

2) Diverting waste from landfills.

3) Reducing all solid waste, including recycling.




This is not only an extra gig, but a real opportunity to put your food service on the map as a leader on one of the biggest issues of our time.


11:11 understands that reducing waste will mean different things for different vendors.

Burritos, hotdogs, pizza slices, and cones lend themselves to easy, low-waste delivery, while salads, bowls, and juices don't. We are committed to making this as easy, inclusive, and as cost-saving as possible for 11:11, our vendors, and guests.  



1) We require vendors to not sell drinks/water in plastic bottles. We will have a dedicated recycling hub for

aluminum and glass containers.

2) No plastic bags.

3) No plastic utensils. Provide chopsticks, toothpicks, paper scoops, or other alternatives.

4) No styrofoam.

5) No automatic paper napkin distribution. Please make them available - upon request.

6) No plastic straws. Paper are welcome - upon request.

7) For Drink Vendors, there must be a Bring-Your-Own incentive. This is also recommended for food vendors with drink options. For example, a $.20 discount when people bring their own drink containers. This is a big opportunity for vendors, as we will be promoting the hell out of this particular initiative, alongside your name and products.

8) Vendor accepts a small A-frame sign by the truck or a small poster on the truck that explains that the vendor is a part of 11:11’s waste reduction effort, alongside directions on where to dispose of materials. (We will design this).



  1. Use paper wrapping instead of aluminum foil for relevant products.

  2. Use compostable paper trays and boats for relevant products.

  3. Please distribute anything that can be distributed upon-request only upon-request.


If you are interested in joining our efforts and providing your delicious food at Reseda Rising 2019, please fill out this form below and an 11:11 representative will be in contact to discuss next and answer any questions.


We understand that this effort might dissuade some of you, but we highly encourage you to join this movement with us! Let’s make an impact and not only be the LARGEST SFV arts event, but the only one to put this environmental issue at the forefront!