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During these sessions, youth will







About the Coleman Davis Art Camp

Coleman Davis was a student at Valley Art Workshop, under director Miles Lewis. He was a kind and imaginative young man, empowered and burdened by great sensitivity.  We lost him in February of 2021. 

The arts are a lifeline for so many people. With this in mind, Coleman's parents and 11:11 Projects have come together to create a series of workshops tailored for young artists. The purpose of these weekend art camps is to introduce youth to the deep beauty of art history, the discipline of drawing and painting and the professional opportunities available in the visual arts.


These hours of instruction are focused on "world-building." Students invent, render, and present characters, environments, and their connecting stories. This collection of techniques is central to almost every field of design and is often neglected in traditional secondary education.


Our intention is that students leave Art Camp with a greater sense of confidence, direction, self-esteem, and artistic skill.

Youth will walk away from this Art Camp session with:

  • A sense of authorship over their imagination

  • Believing in the power of their imagination.

  • A group of creative peers they can be their whole selves with

  • Supportive mentorship from staff and other students

  • Heightened critical and creative thinking

  • More information about art career options

  • Experience speaking and presenting their ideas to a group

  • Empowerment to create- using whichever medium they choose

  • knowledge about narrative structures and how to build impactful stories

"The most challenging part was making ideas & characters come together to make a story that made sense."

Haily Meza, 15


• This camp is for students between the ages of 12 - 22 years old.

• Low income students will be given priority.

• If accepted, students are required to attend a virtual orientation.

• Applications for each month are due the week before each camp. 

• Students can attend only one camp each. 

A snack and art materials will be provided.  

Students are welcome to bring their own materials (sketchbooks, pencils, pens, etc.).


While this is not a long-term educational scholarship, students will be given resources and information for how to continue in their creative pursuits: independently, in local workshops, through online programs or in person with 11:11 Projects, or Valley Art Workshop classes.



Miles Lewis is a master teacher, having taught hundreds of students of all ages, skill levels, and in a wide variety of techniques, for over a decade. In that time, he's graduated dozens of high school students to art programs around the country.


In addition to teaching, Miles is a studio painter, illustrator, portraitist, and public artist. Miles' murals with 11:11 Projects can be viewed at Art+Earth


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