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Our mission is to build a network of cultural oases by equipping artists with the tools to create socially-minded, community-uniting public art projects.


We envision a revitalized world where artists are empowered to guide humanity to establish a more just society, rebuild a healthy planet, and reclaim their cultural legacies. 


11:11 PROJECTS is a mission-driven art agency dedicated to empowering communities

through advocacy, public art production,

and justice-centered programming.


We produce large-scale art projects with sensitivity and equitability, incorporating three main tenets: high quality public art, professional development for artists, and site responsive community engagement.

We manage projects from start to completion with artist and community partners.


We believe that the planning, design, and management of public space should place the arts in the forefront, telling stories of our collective culture. We believe that environments activated by the arts create empowered people and honor legacies. 


 City of Los Angeles

 City of West Hollywood

 City of South Pasadena

 City of Glendale, Arts & Culture Commission

City of Burbank


Toolbox LA

Committee For Greater LA

Los Angeles Council District 3

Los Angeles Council District 7

Los Angeles Council District 12

Los Angeles Council District 2


Madison Marquette

Los Angeles Emergency Management Department

California State University, Northridge


Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles


California Arts Council

Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture Department

Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles​

Ruth & Joseph Reed Foundation for the Arts


Getty Foundation

Perenchio Foundation


Addy Gonzalez has more than fifteen years experience working in the non profit arts sector. She focuses on the intersection of cultural development, policy, and arts accessibility for communities.  She was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, grew up in southeast LA and moved to the San Fernando Valley at age 18. In her early career, Addy worked as drafter and designer for a commercial architectural firm before transitioning her career to the arts. Addy has worked as a consultant with the City of Los Angeles Council District 7 where she created a comprehensive public art development plan specific to the Van Nuys corridor. She is an alumni of the Arts for LA Activate Cultural Policy program and is the inaugural fellow of the Arts for LA Laura Zucker Fellowship for Policy and Research. Addy has  dedicated her career to providing structure and support systems that ensure the transformational power of art is an integral part of healthy communities.  ADDY@1111PROJECTS.ART


Desserin Pereyra (she/her/hers) is a self-proclaimed business nerd and founder of the

818 Community Darkroom, a photography darkroom and community art space in Van Nuys. She is a US Army veteran with a background in consulting for non-profit organizations and small businesses in the wellness industry.  She graduated with a BS in Psychology from the the Philippines, a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from California Lutheran University and is in the process of completing the Executive MBA from California Lutheran University this spring. She enjoys being outdoors, shopping for vintage finds and visiting the museums with her husband and 12 year old daughter. She is also the granddaughter of a California based muralist whose murals are still around to this day. 


Erin Stone, Creative Director of 11:11 Projects, is an artist, curator, and creative marketing specialist raised in the San Fernando Valley. Erin leverages her passion for culture, representation, and expression through developing strategies for building community through the arts. She received a degree in Art and Visual Communications and an executive certification in Arts & Culture Strategy from University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice. Erin has been  recognized nationally for her curatorial work and has over 15 years of experience in grassroots activism, arts administration, gallery management, and youth mentorship. Erin has volunteered throughout Nepal, India and Central America participating in projects focusing on environmental stewardship and conservation. She sits on the board of directors for the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival, and along with her pitbull mix Ash, is an avid wanderer. ERIN@1111PROJECTS.ART

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 10.04.25 AM.png

Miles Lewis is a steady-working goofball with a wry affect and a strong sense of civic duty and the value of mentorship.  In addition to directing the Valley Art Workshop in Tarzana, CA, he is a public artist, freelance illustrator, event portraitist, and fine art painter. He grew up in a family of entertainers in LA's San Fernando Valley with 4 great passions: Art, education, critical/creative thinking, and environmental stewardship.These loves have woven themselves into a few different forms over the years. In 2017, Miles became a zero waste educator and general environmental advocate, working weekends as a portrait artist. Miles is the lead art educator with 11:11 Projects, collaborator of Art + Earth mural project, and the lead instructor for the scholarship-based Youth Art Camp.

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