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Valley International Prep High School is an independent charter under LAUSD located in Northridge, CA.  For the last few years, the VIP community has shared a campus with Chatsworth High School.  Although a tight-knit and engaged community, VIP students and staff have found it difficult to exist in a shared environment, not allowing for the personality and ethos of the school to be reflected within their campus.


At the end of April 2021, after a year of distanced learning, not only did students return to a hybrid in-person school day, they entered their brand new campus for the very first time welcomed by bright and inspiring murals painted throughout the campus.  11:11 was asked to help develop VIPHS' environment with public art.

Bamcat logo

This mural depicts California native wildlife painted on the biology classroom within the main courtyard of the school. This mural was funded by Dr. Foldi's 2019-2020 Tropical Ecology Class.

Allison Bamcat is a contemporary artist with an affinity for confectionary and phantoms. Through the use of acidic color, her paintings work to elicit feelings of her neon, nineties-childhood in Los Angeles, surrounded by sun-bleached, cheap plastic dolls and doodled-on stuffed toys.


The theme of this mural is "Life of the mind." It speaks to the population of Valley International Prep High School; students who are socially and environmental aware and engaged, those who seek a safe community that will help them flourish. 

Roshi is a Los Angeles based painter, illustrator and muralist whose psychadelic designs offer reflections of perceptions in society.  With a love for Manga and symbology, Roshi's bold and colorful murals are seen all over the world.

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