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THE ART OF WELLBEING is a project to promote wellness through

the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage eachother

to connect through compassion.


Six artists were commissioned to create artwork based on six themes:

Wear a Mask, Prioritize Self Care, Wash Your Hands, Protect Each Other, Get Vaccinated, and Together Towards Recovery


Using these prompts, the artists infused

their personal styles, stories, and purpose.

The Art of Well-Being initiative is a collaborative effort between the City of Los Angeles, the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), the Emergency Management Department, Self Help Graphics & Art, and 11:11 A Creative Collective.

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The gallery below was curated and produced by 11:111 ACC

Jackie Hernandez



Jackie Hernandez also known as Las Chicas Peligrosas on social media is a 21 year old artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California specifically in Mid-City. They graduated from California State University, Long Beach with their Bachelors in Studio Art Winter 2021.
Jackie is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with various mediums of art such as painting,  drawing, printmaking, animation, murals and digital illustration.
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Jacqui C. Smith





Freelance Illustrator Jacqui C. Smith creates unique artwork that showcases diversity amongst women of color. With her artwork, she’s released four coloring books, “Know Yourself: A Coloring Book for Women (& Girls)”, that focus on positive self-identity for girls and women of color. For years, Jacqui struggled with her self-identity as well as her self-confidence so she wanted to give women of all ages something that would motivate them to love themselves as they are. In addition to coloring books, Jacqui makes stickers, prints, buttons, and other merch. She also designed the “Beautiful Skin” Beer can for Brewyard Beer Company in Glendale with donations going to the Glendale YWCA to fight social injustice and partnered with the Brewyard to create an annual Brewyard Art Festival in June 2017. Jacqui was also recently featured in LA Weekly, Voyage LA, Shoutout LA, and Hopped LA. 


Jacqui began her journey as a Freelance Illustrator a few years ago after going to various events and conventions in LA and never seeing diversity represented in the arts, and over time, it became a driving force in her work. One of the things she loves most is the dialogue that her art brings to the forefront about race, representation, beauty standards, and female strength. These discussions all stem from the same place: there needs to be better treatment, representation, and acceptance of women of color, and Jacqui hopes that her art serves as a reminder that we cannot and should not be overlooked.

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