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11:11 Projects x LA River Arts

Community Engagement Sessions on the LA River in the San Fernando Valley.

Theme: Art, Community, and Ecology along the river.

Featured Artists:

Melba Martinez

Seth Paradox

Madeline Helland

Gemma Jimenez Gonzalez

Dina Fisher

Nancy Marlene Lopez

Brenda Cibrian

Jen Cheng

Rudy Granillo

+ Performance of "Reflections, How Does it Feel"

Curated by Nancy Woo

Organized by 11:11 Projects and LA River Arts this collaborative endeavor promises to showcase the diversity of artistic expression in the San Fernando Valley while fostering connections between river-adjacent communities and the LA River. 

Daylighting means uncovering streams that have been buried under urban infrastructure. Here, it's a metaphor for uncovering and spotlighting art, culture, and our relationship with nature and the River.


Paayme Paxaayt, meaning “West River” is the Tongva name of the river from the time before it was encased in concrete. It is  the name that Tongva people still use today. We use it here to honor the First People of Tovaangar/ the LA Basin and as a symbol of the River as a free-flowing source of life. 

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