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About Zeina Baltagi

2020 Artist in Residence

Zeina Baltagi is a Lebanese-American artist and educator. Born in Stockton and raised in California and Lebanon, Zeina’s work explores and exposes the tensions within identity and social politics. It reveals intimate transformations in relation to lived experiences with physical, emotional, economic and cultural mobility.


Zeina holds a B.A. from California State University, Northridge, and an M.F.A.  from University California,  Davis. She has exhibited work with Basement Gallery, LADOT, Union Station, Los Angeles Road Concerts, PØST, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, bG gallery and Klowden Mann, as well as with numerous University galleries including; University of Southern California, Claremont Graduate University, California Lutheran University and California State University, Northridge.

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Over the last decade, Contemporary Artist Zeina Baltagi's conceptual and performance-based work has centered around investigating the relationship of minority groups within the construct of the American Dream. Using everyday objects that represent mobility, wealth and stereotypes applied to immigrants in America, Zeina’s work is an intimate survey of the relationship between physical, emotional, economic and cultural mobility.

From November 8th to December 20, 2020, Zeina joined 11:11 A Creative Collective as an Artist in Residence in 11:11's Gallery, further immersing herself in the examination of surveillance through a series of discussions, performances and art creation. 

Discussion Series

As part of Zeina's investigation into surveillance,  she approached artists and performers whose artwork is related to the practices and policies through which society attempts to regulate us and our bodies: body politics.

This discussion series not only allowed for the experience of others to inform Zeina’s research,  but for the public to learn about and interact with these concepts through the contemporary artwork being produced.

During Zeina's residency, she was invited to do a series of artist talks with Caz Azevedo Community Art Center Gallery in San Francisco, CA where she discussed her work and how it has lead to OBSERV(ER/ED) An Investigation into Surveillance, as well as an in-studio update while working on this new series.

"I only have my experience and research to pull from. Through open engagement with others, my perspective is widened."

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