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  Festival Theme:


11:11 Projects first conceived of Reseda Rising  as an annual art festival in 2016 in an effort to unify and beautify the Reseda community through arts and culture.





2022 was the first ever San Fernando Valley mural festival in Reseda!  11:11 Produced 8 murals at 6 different locations


evan final_72.jpg

Untitled, 2022
Evan Mendel

Assistant: Sheli Silverio

Reseda Elementary
7265 Amigo Ave, Reseda, CA 91335

My hope is that my mural at Reseda Elementary will have an inspirational impact on the students. Maybe watching this mural go up will spark something in a student to become an artist themselves one day.  I find being an artist very empowering.

I wanted to paint something expressive, while also being relatable and familiar to the viewer.   Painting seemingly everyday people this large-scale is a way for me to show that no one individual matters more then someone else.

Evan Mendel is a painter, muralist, and street artist, born in 1988 and raised in the Valley just outside of Los Angeles CA. Evan grew up being influenced by cartoons, skateboarding, surfing and graffiti. These influences led him to pursue his artistic ambitions further into his late teens and early 20’s, experimenting with making abstract and figurative based paintings. Without any formal art education, Evan was self-taught through trial, error, and observation. He has since painted several large-scale murals in Ventura Ca. and Los Angeles. In July 2017 Evan had his first solo exhibition at the gallery/studio space of renowned muralist and designer David Flores. Evan has also participated in a variety of group shows at gallery’s in Los Angeles and San Francisco, notably creating a mural installation at Shepard Fairey’s gallery Subliminal Projects in 2018.

onegen team.jpg

Neighborly Growth, 2022
RFX1 - Jason Chang

Assistants: Christian Carrillo, Stephanie Godoy, and Antonio Venegas

ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center
18255 Victory Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335

Being that ONEgeneration is a Senior Enrichment Center, I was inspired by the the idea of many generations caring for a common theme: their planet, together.  I grew up in a multi-generation Korean household.  I remember my youth being impacted by the fact that there were three generations in one house caring for a common theme: family.


This mural is supposed to depict the growth an oak tree, from sprout to fully grown. This takes many

generations, and many different people to care for this oak So Cal native tree. Oaks also represents wisdom, longevity and knowledge; it is said to symbolize the environment, as it can support an ecosystem within it. The mural depicts the changes in time and seasons. This mural is also about the importance of preserving this planet as much as we can, as the climate changes.


RFX1 was born and raised in San Fernando Valley by a Korean immigrant family that always encouraged his creativity.

His obsession with astrology, numerology, and metaphysics created a spiritual foundation that can be found throughout his work. He explores abstraction and simplification of traditional signs, forms, and symbols to create a universal language, which he calls "Vision Pop” (Visionary Pop Art).


RFX1 is on a mission to enlighten and embrighten society through his works. He also hopes to inspire and encourage others to keep going, and to never give up on their dreams, purpose and soul mission in life.

kk wall final_edited.jpg
KK team.jpg

Untitled, 2022
Omar Martinez

Assistant: Stan "Saints" Nunez

Brooklyn Pizza
6745 Tampa Ave, Reseda, CA 91335

Omar Martinez is an illustrator, muralist, graphic designer, producer, and beatmaker. He attended Otis College of Art & Design and has worked for Bitbot Creative Agency as well as Phantom Design. Past clients include: Black Ring Coffee (Product Design), Contra Coffee (Product Design), and the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library (Digital Marketing). Omar has provided beats for musicians such as Angie Rose, Dre Murray, Ruslan, Mikol, and more.

Omar is also the founder of the art collective The X Bakery


bee curious, 2022

Assistant: n/a

Bertrand Elementary
7021 Bertrand Ave, Reseda, CA 91335

Muralism is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to beautifying the city of Los Angeles, while providing work experience to adults with special needs. Murals are designed by a local muralist, a paint by number style drawing is prepared by a team of artists, which include adults with special needs. Then the community joins and fills in the color. The Muralism team comes back in the end to detail and clean up the mural for a professional finish.

katie final.jpg
katies team.jpg

Welcome, 2022
Kitty Coles Designs

Assistants: Beta Abdolahi, Valerie Martinez

Child Development Institute
18050 Vanowen St, Reseda, CA 91335

The design for the welcome wall mural at CDI, is intended to convey the peace and nourishment offered by nature. The flowers, “Reseda” (or mignonette) and California poppies, are of course, native to the area. They grow wild and free. They provide beauty, but also nourishment to the visiting wildlife. Surrounding them are motifs of shells, ocean waves and the sun which fuels them all.

I would like this to feel like a bright, safe place to grow and develop a well rooted sense of self.

Originally from England, with Sri Lankan roots, Katie has spent the last 12 years living in Southern California. She works as an art director on commercials and short films and a painter, creating both licensable artwork and larger scale public art. Her most recent work includes a 50’ mural for the entrance wall at a school in Sherman oaks, and  a 65’ mural for a restaurant in West Hollywood, encouraging patrons to stay safe during the pandemic.

Katie hopes to continue beautifying public spaces with images and messages to engage communities and brighten a few days.

Final Raeann_72.jpg

Garden Fencing, 2022
RaeAnn Venus

Assistants: Marycruz Flores and Janneth Gallardo

Child Development Institute
18050 Vanowen St, Reseda, CA 91335

My artwork celebrates interconnectedness between each other,  our communities, and our planet. The message of this work complements its placement at the Child Development Center's garden area, where students will interact with their environment, grow their own food, and explore the wonders of nature. Connecting with Earth and each other is extremely powerful and that is what I'm hoping to convey with this project.

RaeAnn Venus Noakes is a Los Angeles-based artist and tattooer.

Final theater 2_72.jpg

Reseda Theater
Reseda x Shermwan Way, Reseda, CA 91335

team javi_72.jpg

JJ Lopez

I created this artwork as a blessing for the community of Reseda and worldwide. It depicts the Azteca woman and Huitzilopochtli the hummingbird - a deity of the Aztecs. The two represent the power of will and  helps us through the battles of everyday life.

J. J Lopez Artist based in San Fernando Valley

team coco_72.jpg

Assistant: Heidi Nelson

When I was given the letter “R”, I experimented with various positions until I arrived at something that feels as if it is walking forwards. An essential part of feeling empowered is being able to continue moving forwards rather than dwelling or remaining stagnant. Within an abstract realm, I wanted to also create a sense of being limitless. By adding in natural elements such as sunset fades and sunny skies, I hope to uplift the viewer in a familiar and meditative way.

Los Angeles based artist, COCO NELLA. brings a strong graphic and urban element to their designs, while striving to make work that people can interact with in their daily lives. They use harmonious color schemes and balanced compositions to create artwork that is as approachable as possible, even within an abstract realm.

team lupe_72.jpg

Guadalupe Gutierrez
Assistant: Desiree Sanchez
and Andrew Blackwelder

This design was created with the intention to represent and empower youth and women of color. I painted my niece Valerie because she inspires me daily. She came to this country at a young age not knowing anything about this new environment; yet her education, drive, and curiosity guided her. I believe education is the foundation to empowerment. Behind Valerie is the Ojo de Dios, every time she came back from Mexico our family friend from Nayarit would gift us a goodbye gift of an ojo de dios. I painted this as a representation to protect the youth, community, and nature.

Guadalupe Gutierrez was raised in Pacoima, CA by her single immigrant father alongside her two younger sisters. Guadalupe is a multi-disciplinary artist working in various mediums: painting, drawing, printmaking, and digital illustration. In 2017, she hosted art workshops for her community through the Gryd Foundation. She started working with The Gr818ers as a volunteer, Graphic Design Intern in 2020. She is currently instructing beginner's and intermediate art classes at Unite Center and Taxco Theatre in Canoga Park, CA. Guadalupe continues to serve her community as a painter, educator, and muralist.

team jade_72.jpg

Jade Bell & Ignacio Mejia
Assistant: Ivan Antonio

Our piece, "Divinity in the Clouds", represents how we feel as artists trying to pursue our life passion. We are often told to keep our heads out of the clouds. Our piece wants to empower others to keep your head in the clouds, to keep dreaming, because those dreams can become a reality.

Jade Bell is a Black visual and tattoo artist born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, CA. Jade's artwork promotes femininity and cultural heritage within the Black and LGBTQ community. Her style follows a flourish of illustrative/afro-futurist surrealism style. Her unique style and signature "four-eyed" girl, is a way of adding herself into each piece that she designs.

Ignacio "Nacho" Mejia is a Chicano visual and tattoo artist born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up, Nacho always loved art but his passion grew as he became immersed in the graffiti and street art world. The influence of graffiti and LA art culture, not only inspired Nacho to pursue art as a career, but exposed him to the world of tattooing. Nacho specializes in mural painting/street art, charcoal drawings, illustrative art, acrylic mediums, and fashion design. 

team ian_72.jpg


Assistant: Dylan Perez

This mural focuses on water usage in Southern California. Imagery of a sycamore lined creek juxtaposed with flowers commonly found in the yards of neighborhoods throughout the area and an image of a young woman washing dishes draws on the conflicts surrounding Californias drought and water conservation issues.

Ian Robertson-Salt is a painter, muralist, and tattooist from Los Angeles. In addition to his private and civic mural commissions, he has exhibited work in numerous group exhibitions throughout California and had his first solo exhibition at Voss Gallery this year. His work often focuses on endangered species and the relationships between humanity, technology, and ecology

team sarah_72.jpg

Sarah Stone
Assistant: Matthew Saldivar

My artworks focus on nature, animals, and human relationships with our environments, drawing upon inspirations from dreams, folklore, and pop culture. We live in fraught times with many global challenges which can be paralyzing to contemplate. Through art I explore my feelings about adversity, transformation, and renewal, visualizing optimistic futures emerging from an uncertain present.

Sarah Stone is a North American artist whose works address life/death cycles and human relationships with nature. Her visual vocabulary is an amalgam of contemporary influences, ancestral memories and dreams.

Sarah grew up in a rural suburb in New Jersey where she spent much of her time reading (mythology and folklore) and studying the small animals inhabiting the woods around her home.

Her studio in the West San Fernando Valley is located in a woodsy canyon known to firefighters as an "Urban Interface Zone." Here, recurring brush fires and the impacts of human activities are constant reminders of the fragility of nature. Drought also plays a role in the ebb and flow of life in the canyon. Cycles of destruction and recovery inform much of her work.

She has exhibited across the US, most recently (2021/22) in Ghost Gallery in Seattle, Sylvia White Gallery in Agoura, and Gabba Gallery in LA. She has also exhibited at the Ontario Museum of History and Art, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, The Autry Museum, and Lancaster MOAH/Cedar where she won the Mayor’s Award for best painting.

Her work has been featured in film productions (Doogie Kamealoha M.D., Yes Day, Atypical, Grown-ish  & Criminal Minds, among others) and publications including Shout Out LA, Unpsychology Magazine, Pomona Valley Review and ioLiterary Journal.

team rah_72.jpg


I wanted to share the beauty of my Indigenous roots and culture in the city of Reseda.  I’ve been living here for 3 years now and haven’t seen much art representing my ancestors.  I want to change that.

RAH Azul is a self-taught painter and muralist from the San Fernando Valley. He is a first generation American born in East Los Angeles to Mexican parents who migrated from a small Pueblo in Jalisco called Zapotlanejo. Azul draws inspiration from his Mexican heritage and indigenous roots to express the beauty of his culture.

team mute_72.jpg


My design captures elements I found to be all around me while growing up in Reseda.


Ramon Mute One Valencia was raised in the West San Fernando Valley and an active member of the local art community for over 20 years.



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