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About Common Ground

The Earth is the ground upon which we all stand, together in our differences.  It is an ever-shifting, politicized landscape of borders, exclusions and omissions, as well as shared terrain under pressing physical assault. This multigenerational and multicultural group of artists explore the reality of a shared planet that is humanity’s most divided territory and damaged common ground.

Curated by Suvan Geer and Sandra Mueller

October 3 - November 14, 2020

Kim Abeles

Mariona Barkus

Sharon Barnes

Pilar Castillo

Danielle Eubank

Samantha Fields

Eloisa Guanlao

Ann Isolde

Sant Khalsa

Meg Madison

Kaoru Mansour

Maryrose C. Mendoza

Sandra Mueller

Naida Osline

Pamela J. Peters

Sheila Pinkel

Sinan Leong Revell

She Votes/ Bonnie J. Smith

Stitch in Time/ Suvan Geer

Linda Vallejo

Gail Werner

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