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At the foundation of all 11:11's projects is the belief that environments activated by the arts help to  inspire and empower people.  We believe that the Arts are an integral part of healthy people and communities.   


11:11's projects center around creating socially-minded public art which promotes dialogue, connectivity, equity, environmental stewardship, and honors cultural legacies.  We believe that equipping artists with tools to create in public space with sensitivity and reflection of the community is the path towards a healthier and happier society. 

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Whether you're a professional public artist, or you'd like to be an assistant or apprentice to an artist/muralist, scroll down to submit your information to be considered.

Once you submit your info, who'll be in the 11:11 catalog. When we have a project that is a great fit for you or in your area, we'll reach out!

The following questions are for grant purposes.  In order to continue to receive funding for events, public art, and professional development opportunities, 11:11 must gather data and metrics to support our work.  Filling out this next section is optional, but is a huge help to us.  All information is confidential. Thank you!

Household income

Thank you for your application!

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