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CHATSWORTH, CA 2018-2020

From 2018 up until the pandemic in 2020, 11:11 Projects was a partner at Toolbox LA, a tech hardware incubator and co-working space in Chatsworth, CA. 


11:11 hosted a mural artist residency as well as managed a 1200 square foot gallery space which featured member artwork and the San Fernando Valley's creative community. 11:11 curated and produced 15 exhibitions, dozens of workshops, artist networking events, and began an all-ages music night in the facility's Embed Gallery.


"Vessels and Orbits" is the mural suite produced for Toolbox LA's main entry. It creates a narrative that draws in Toolbox visitors  leads them from the downstairs community spaces to the upstairs shared workspaces. The mural begins with Miles's Tender Jet and Shuttle illustrations, creating metaphorical launches that reference the region's relationship to the aerospace industry. The imagery quickly transitions on the 1st floor into Steve Martinez's Damselfly painting and its surrounding deconstructed geometry and palette. As visitors ascend the stairs, they move through the variation of shape and color that suggest evolution, adaptation, and the constructed world. Dina Fischer's installation caps this main entry suite on the 2nd floor foyer with a light reactive mural that depicts local natural history and technology. As visitors pass from this 2nd floor foyer into the shared workspace, the murals provide a glimpse into the range of human manufacture and creativity in constant and complete reference to the natural world.

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