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• To create timely and relevant art exhibitions that speak to social and environmental justice and the preservation of cultural legacies.

• To spotlight local emerging artiists.

• To strengthen the creative community through collaboration, networking and support.

11:11's Traveling Galleries offer pop up exhibits in various parts of the city throughout the year.  Traveling Galleries often include exhibits curated in conjunction with larger events, exhibits in lobbies, theaters, restaraunts and more.



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2023, Henry P. Rio Bridge Gallery at City Hall 

In celebration of Latino Heritage Month 2023, chaired by Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, Unsung Heroes: Somos LA is dedicated to our everyday heroes, including an archival collection of Southern CA Farmworkers, along with those that work tirelessly, and often thanklessly, to help their community, and those who, through being their authentic selves, help guide us towards a more just tomorrow.


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Treelogy, the exhibit, co-curated by Addy Gonzalez of 11:11 Projects and Miles Lewis of Valley Art Workshop, explores the shared experience of fire and the trees’ function as ecological cornerstones. The featured artworks address fire’s various roles as creator, destroyer, and regenerator. Viewers are invited to revisit the images and understandings of this phenomenon as we all strive for a more complete and symbiotic relationship between humans, landscapes, and fire.


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Common Ground

Curated by Suvan Geer and Sandra Mueller

October 3 - November 14, 2020

The Earth is the ground upon which we all stand, together in our differences.  It is an ever-shifting, politicized landscape of borders, exclusions and omissions, as well as shared terrain under pressing physical assault. This multigenerational and multicultural group of artists explore the reality of a shared planet that is humanity’s most divided territory and damaged common ground.


Participating artists include Kim Abeles, Mariona Barkus, Sharon Barnes, Pilar Castillo, Danielle Eubank, Samantha Fields, Suvan Geer/ Stitch in Time, Eloisa Guanlao, Ann Isolde, Sant Khalsa, Meg Madison Kaoru Mansour, Maryrose C. Mendoza, Sandra Mueller, Naida Osline, Pamela J. Peters, Sheila Pinkel, Sinan Leong Revell, Bonnie J. Smith / She Votes, Linda Vallejo and Gail Werner.






In 2018, Zeina began an investigation into race relations amongst minority groups resulting in the start of the Market Place; work centered around the mirrored liquor signs often found above commercial refrigerators.


The gas station and the market of the gas station is a place where people of all back grounds intersect with an added power dynamic between customer and employee. A place where racial construct can go from idea, to real bias, to real consequences. Market Place was the starting point for OBSERV(ED/ER).


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The Poetry of Place

Curated by Erin Stone

February 15 - April 9, 2020

It is a city of contradictions and concessions. A city of big dreams and gasoline. Of diversity and opportunity, of palm trees and the Pacific. A place where the people who call it home are inexorably shaped by it. The Poetry of Place features 16 visual artists and contemporary poets whose sense of place is entwined with their creative process.

Through this exhibition, a poem is composed. Each artist contributes their narrative, their memory and vision. 16 artists each creating a single line in a beautiful patchwork of perspective, a ballad about this place we share: Los Angeles


Featured Artists: Matt Carless, Jasmine Delgado, Scott Froschauer, Ricardo Garcia, Shelly Heffler, Diana Kohne, Alex Mena, Michelle Rozic, Terry Tripp, Jacqueline Valenzuela, William Wray, and Scott YeskelFeatured Poets: Zeina Baltagi, Edward L. Canavan, South Pasadena Poet Laureate Ronald Koertge, and Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez


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Fuerza De La Mujer

Curated by Erin Stone

Novermber 2-3, 2019 and February-March, 2020

Fuerza De La Mujer features 12 artists whose artwork reflects the strength of the latin woman; honoring her history, divinity, creativity and necessity through painting, illustration and sculpture. 


Featuring: Areli Arellano, Alex Castaneda, Emilia Cruz, Lynn Coleman, Erica Friend, John Galan, Krisztianna, Rick Ortega, Tamara Ramos, Jessie Rocha, Sheila Rodriguez and Cintia Segovia


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Juried by Molly Endholm, organized by The CSUN Arts Alumni Association

December 7 - January 18, 2020

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol comprised of a spiral bound within a circle. It also represents a heroic journey, moving into the unknown and through a path of many turns, blind alleys and challenges as one travels within and throughout. For some, a labyrinth is a physical space, a dark passageway haunted by demons; in others, it represents a spiritual journey where inner truths are sought and revealed. Without literal restrictions, what other challenges or guiding truths might the notion of a labyrinth represent?

Exhibiting Artists: Nurit Avesar, Elizabeth Criss, Merrilyn Duzy, Dan Greene, Shelley Heffler, Theresa Knopf, Lina Kogan, Barbara Nathanson, Cintia Segovia, Elizabeth Tinglof, Dale Voelker



Valley Girl Redefined

January 26 - March 22, 2019

Curated by Erin Stone


The “valley girl”, like the Valley itself, cannot be contained in a stereotype. However, it can be argued that any Valley Girl’s sense of self has been informed by the cinematic ideal imposed on them. In fact, with little effort one can see that the “valley girl” has left an indelible mark on the global identity of womanhood while only representing a small minority. This exhibition endeavors to look past the myopic lens of popular culture that created the “valley girl” and delve into the true identities and diversity of Women in the Valley through the contemporary artwork they produce.

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